How to Create an Android/iOS Game Without Knowing How to Code

Did you know that you don’t need to know how to code to create amazing android and iOS games? In this review, I will show you software that makes it really easy to create simple and advanced games.

Plus I’ll show you some really cool games that were made using each program.

What You Will Learn

1. Which programs are available and how much they cost
2. What does the UI look like
3. How can I learn to make games
4. What are some popular games made using each software
5. Which one is the best program to make games

There are various programs to create games and covering all of them in this post would be impossible. Therefore, in this post I will show you the four most popular game creation programs. This is not supposed to be an extensive review, but a good comparison of each of them.

 Stencyl vs GameSalad vs Construct 2 vs GameMaker

*Green indicates, the feature is included in the free and paid version. Blue means the function is only available in one of the paid plans.

Name Stencyl GameSalad Construct 2 GameMaker
stencyl_sm GameSaladLogoForRelease construct2 gamemaker-8-logo
OS Mac, Windows, Linux  Mac, Windows Windows Mac, Windows
Free Version yes yes yes yes
Publish game on website yes yes yes yes
Android Games yes yes yes yes
iOS Games yes yes yes yes
Windows Phone Games no  no yes yes
Windows Games yes yes yes yes
Mac Games yes yes yes yes
Linux Games yes no yes yes
Facebook Games no no yes no
Chrome Games no no yes no
HTML5 Games no yes yes yes
Tizen Games no yes yes yes
Monetization yes yes yes yes
Pro Price $99-$199/Year (depending on functions) $299/year  ~$130-$430 $100-$900 (depending on functions)
Download here here here here


Next I’m going to show you what these programs look like.


Screen-shot-2012-04-24-at-10.07.43-PM Screen-shot-2012-05-15-at-9.36.22-AM Screen-shot-2012-02-07-at-8.55.36-PM


gamesalad_screenshot2 gamesalad_screenshot4 gamesalad_screenshot5

Construct 2

behaviors-panels-01 c2interface-full eventsheet-edit-01



I’m not going to lie, it definitely takes a while to learn each of the programs. I cannot say if one has a steeper learning curve than the others, but you should definitely check out some of these tutorials to get started.

All programs are documented really well, I could not make out a clear winner. Some tutorials are more up-to-date than others though.

Stencyl Tutorials

The Getting Started Guide

Stencyl TV Tutorials 

Make a game from scratch

Stencyl Textbooks and Online Courses


GameSalad Tutorials

The Cookbook GameSalad Tutorials

Create a Brick Breaker Game in GameSalad

Create a Flappy Bird Game using GameSalad


Construct 2 Tutorials

The Official Construct 2 Manual

The Beginner’s Guide to Construct 2

A Huge List of Construct 2 Tutorials


Yoyogames GameMaker Tutorials

Beginner Guides for GameMaker

The Official Reference for GameMaker

Tutorials for an Adventure Game, Shooter and RPG


When I was looking for a software to create games, the first thing I was checking out were popular games made using the program. It is difficult to cherry pick some of the best games so please take my suggestion with a grain of salt.

Games made with Stencyl

Games made with GameSalad

Games made with Construct 2

Games made with GameMaker

So which one is the best program to make games?

I don’t really have the right answer for you. I tested out all four programs and there were some things I liked about each of them. Just from the standpoint of ease of use, community and documentation, I became a big fan of GameSalad and GameMaker by Yoyogames. The best thing is that each of them offers a free version so you definitely have time to test each of them.

So just choose one and get started. As always, please post any questions in the comments section and feel free to connect to me via Google+ or Facebook.